Ecology of wild yeast and other microfungi

Because they are too small to see, little is known about the natural species ranges of microbes. We have developed a statistically rigorous field sampling approach that allows us to survey for wild yeast and other microfungi in forests and fruits. Our experiments suggest that yeast species might have predictable climate preferences. In the short-term, we use the much-needed wild yeasts we find through these ecological surveys for our population genomic analyses, but findings in this area could help predict the effects of climate change on microfungi.


Robinson, H.A., Pinharanda, A., Bensasson D. 2016 “Summer Temperature Can Predict the Distribution of Wild Yeast Populations.” Ecology and Evolution 6(4) 1236-1250.


Heather Robinson (past PhD student)
Ana Pinharanda (past BSc student)
Douda Bensasson
Sandra Kennedy (past technician)

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